In 1985, I attended Rakkasah, in Oakland, California, for the very first time. I went with Anaheed, director of the Perfumes of Araby, and two of her troupe members, Marta Inta and Melodie Carson. We had a fabulous time.

Anaheed, Melodie, Marta Inta, Linda

In 1986, I returned to Rakkasah, but this time I took Madonna Rose and Susy Harris. We met nearly ten years earlier in a belly dance class taught by Diane Webber at Everywoman’s Village in Van Nuys, California, and over the years we become close friends.

Here they are, our founders!!

Susy And Madonna were so excited about Rakasah that they decided we should start a troupe and plan to participate in Rakkasah the very next year. And that’s exactly what we did. We performed at Rakkasah in 1987, and every year since. The first year, we had just five dancers. Our troupe grew, at one point to nineteen dancers. We have leveled off and maintain at ten to twelve dancers now.

Linda Erland

The Trio!