March 25
Happy Birthday Lotta
March 31
Jewels of the Nile will perform at the Celtic Festival in Camarillo, at Constitution Park from 3:45-4:10 p.m.  For more information please call 805-732-9671 or
March 31
Happy Birthday He'Vannah
April 1
(tentative) Jewels of the Nile  at the Westlake Village Street Fair..  
April 13
Happy Birthday Susy
April 28
The Jewels of the Nile present the Nile Pageant  "A 2001 Dance Odyssey" workshop and show. Workshop instructors include A'lana, K'Feerah, Nessim, and Anaheed, .   The workshops will be followed by a gala evening dinner show. in Simi Valley, featuring performances by workshop instructors as well as  past and present members of the Jewels of the Nile, including Jenny Goldberg, now living in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Christine Stark, and others.   The Nile Pageant will be a celebration of the Fifteenth Anniversary of the Jewels of the Nile.  For additional information, contact Linda Erland at 805/527-5166, or email
April 30
Happy Birthday Linda
May 8
Happy Birthday Nessim
May 12
Jewels of the Nile will perform at the Ridgecrest Mid-East Festival.   This year's Mid-East Festival will be held in the City of Ridgecrest's Community Center, in the heart of downtown Ridgecrest, California.  Check their web-site for updates, maps, etc.   .  
May 19
Jewels of the Nile (tentative performance)   Strawberry Festival.  
Cairo Carnivale
July 16
Happy Birthday Joya
July 17
Happy Birthday Cynthia
August 9
Happy Birthday Jhenya
Jewels of the Nile (tentative performance)  at Simi Valley Days celebration. 
Jewels of the Nile will perform at the Bedouin Bazaar in San Diego..  
October 26
Happy Birthday A'Lana
November 22
Happy Birthday K'Feerah
November 29
Happy Birthday Madonna
Jewels of the Nile (tentative performance)  Tonya and Atlantis annual Holiday Show.   San Pedro, California.



March 2
Happy Birthday Pheadra
March 11
Perfumes of Araby Swap Meet.  Great bargains plus dance entertainment all afternoon.  Granada Pavilion, Granada Hills, 11128 Balboa Blvd.   for information call 818-893-9019.  
March 17
Happy Birthday Shannelle


Other Dates to Remember:

Thursday Nights

Join John Bilezikjian, Var Daghdevirian and Cyrianna a-----------------------t the House of Kebab, 2110 West Whittier Blvd., Montebello, CA. Entertainment starts at 8 p.m. Reservations 213/721-8956. Guest dancers contact John or Var at the show.

Middle Eastern Dance Festivals:

February (2nd Saturday) Day at the Oasis Festival, Oakland, Oregon
March Rakkasah, Northern California
April (2nd weekend) Belly Dancer's Showcase, Vancouver, WA.
June (1st weekend) Cairo Carnivale
July (3rd weekend) Mediterranean Fantasy Festival, Seattle, WA 
August (last weekend) Utah Belly Dance Festival, Salt Lake City, Utah
September (4th weekend) Desert dance Festival, San Jose, CA
October  Bedouin Bazaar, San Diego, CA